Housing/Roommate Form

BSM Housing/Roommate Form


Help us match you with the right roommate!

We'll do our best to match you with the type of person/environment you have chosen below. If you have chosen to live with a Hungarian family, some of the options listed below may not be applicable; leave them blank if they seem inappropriate.

Note: Each student has his/her own bedroom. If a roommate is requested, it is simply an "apartment mate". You will receive your housing assignment upon arrival in Budapest.
  • If you already have a roommate in mind, please check with them and write their name below. Please note the other person needs to list you as well.
  • BSM housing consists of 2-3 bedroom apartments. The "Apartment" choice means there are no special restrictions or conditions on the use of the apartment but as all apartments are in buildings with many people, you will be subject to the "House Rules." Apartments are in residential buildings with working families. Each student has their own bedroom in the shared apartment and the apartments are furnished with kitchen utensils and bedding. Home stays are not available at this time.
  • Please choose your smoking preference for housing.
  • How much privacy do you require? Please select one:
  • I prefer my room to be kept... Please select one:
  • I prefer living in a room that is... Please select one:
  • When studying in my room I prefer... Please select one:
  • I prefer this type of music...
  • There are 2 housing locations:
    1) Live in the city center, Pest (near shopping, restaurants, downtown activity, short commute to school, but perhaps a smaller apartment shared with another BSM student, have an efficiency type kitchen, be a bit pricier).

    2) Live in the Pest suburbs (green, quieter, near hiking and bike trails, roomier accommodations, less costly, but a longer commute to school, 40-50 minutes to school, farther from shopping and cultural events).
  • Please list any special housing accommodations that may be important as we assign your housing.