The tuition for 2013-2014 is $9,595 (U.S.) for one semester or $19,190 (U.S.) for a full year.

The tuition for the 2013 Summer program is 3,950 (U.S.).

The tuition for 2014-2015 is $10,195 (U.S.) for one semester or $20,390 (U.S.) for a full year.

The tuition for the 2014 Summer program is 3,995 (U.S.).

Lodging, meals, transportation, and textbooks are not included in the tuition; estimates for these costs can be found below.PLEASE NOTE: Tuition does not increase significantly from semester to semester or year to year. If you are applying for a semester not listed in this material, please keep that in mind.

Textbooks will be available at a rate below U.S. university bookstore prices. Each student should expect to spend at most $350 on textbooks.

Renting an apartment or living with a family costs approximately the same.

Apart from housing, living costs in Budapest are modest.

A monthly pass, permitting unlimited use of all means of public transportation (subway, bus, streetcar), costs $60.00. Essentially all points of the city can be reached by public transportation. A taxi will take passengers between any two points in town for less than $25.00.

A three-course meal in some of the finest restaurants in Budapest costs between $25 and $75.

Budapest offers a variety of programs in music and theater.

The following estimated costs of living in Budapest for five months are in the table below:

Apartment or Family Living Costs
Expense Description Cost
Rent (including utilities) $2,600
Meals (eating out liberally) $3,150
Utilities, DSL, and phone $450
Local transportation $270
Entertainment, miscellaneous $550
Optional language course 80,000 HUF
Textbooks $150-350

The above expenses will be paid in HUF; therefore, depending on the exchange rate, are a rough estimate.

Summer program costs can be calculated on two months versus five months.

Some apartments furnish cell phones for local calls for the duration of your stay. Other options include: purchase a pre-paid cell phone in Hungary; skype is available and is the cheapest option; or if you choose to bring a cell phone from home be sure to check with your local company on international rates.

Two more items must be added to these figures: transportation to and from Budapest, and travel within Europe.

Please note that air fares change frequently and that significant discounts can be found with a bit of shopping around. Responsibility for the transatlantic transportation lies with the student.