Sexual Harrassment and Assault Policy

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics is committed to a safe and healthy environment and as such will not tolerate sexual assault and sexual harassment in any form. Sexual assault is a crime in both Hungary and the United States and sexual harassment is a violation of federal and state laws in the United States. BSM recognizes both as serious violations of individual rights and dignity. Sexual assault and sexual harassment are not only acts of disrespect, violence, aggression or coercion against an individual, but also are attacks on our community.

Complaints of sexual assault or sexual harassment may be made by students, faculty members or staff members to the  Director of Student Services, Anna Foti in Budapest:


BSM 24/7 emergency cell phone # (within Hungary): 00-36-20-628-5562
The same cell phone # from the United States: 011-36-20- 628-5562

If there is a conflict in reporting you should contact the North American Director of BSM, Prof. Kristina Garrett at and the Hungarian Director of BSM, Prof. Dezso Miklos at or the Directors of College International.

 The complete document can be found by clicking on this link.

I. Policy Statement

II. Definitions

III. Internal Complaint Process for Complaints of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment

IV. Appeal Process for Student/Student Complaints