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Classes are taught in English by eminent Hungarian professors, most of whom have had teaching experience in North American universities.  Course offerings combine standard upper-level courses with courses in areas of traditional strength of Hungarian mathematics, such as combinatorics, number theory, and probability theory. Many courses are offered at intermediate and advanced levels. In keeping with Hungarian tradition, teachers closely monitor each individual student’s progress. Considerable time is devoted to problem solving and encouraging student creativity. Emphasis is on depth of understanding rather than on the quantity of material. Courses may be taken Audit or Graded.  Students must have completed at least one semester of Abstract Algebra or Real Analysis (a first course in the Theory of Analysis) prior to attending the summer, fall or spring Budapest Semester programs. Most schools have specific requirements students must fulfill before they study abroad. It is important that you check with your home school to make sure you meet these requirements and will receive BSM transfer credit and all possible financial aid through your home school.  St. Olaf College serves as the School of Record for BSM and provides the official transcripts for the program. Additional program information can be found here: 

A Budapest Semesters in Mathematics academic year semester includes 14 weeks of teaching plus one week of exams during the academic year. Each course usually meets three to four times per week for a total of 56 contact hours per semester. Students may take as many courses as they feel they can handle. The “normal” course load is four subjects, but courses are available according to the Hungarian standard. That is, once a student is accepted to a university program of study, final course load responsibility and authority, resides with the student. For the full list of  courses available go to BSM Syllabi.

The BSM summer program is eight weeks long, meets two hours per day, four days a week with the expectation that students will take two full-credit courses. Normally, one Budapest Semesters in Mathematics course transfers either as 3 or 4 semester hours depending on an evaluation of course material done by the home institution. More information about the summer program can be found here:

To be eligible, students must normally (there ARE exceptions):

  • have at least sophomore status,
  • be in good academic standing,
  • have completed one semester of Real Analysis (a first course in the Theory of Analysis) or Abstract Algebra by the start of the program, and
  • be motivated to study mathematics                                                                        

Selection for the program is competitive and based on the following 3 application components:

  • 1 BSM application (electronic)
  • 2 written mathematics faculty recommendations (electronic)
  • 1 official transcript (applicant sends transcript; “official” can be either electronic sent to or mail to the North American Office; BSM, 1520 St. Olaf, Northfield, MN 55057)

Our procedure is to accept applications on a rolling basis and files are reviewed as they become complete until 2/3 of the class is filled; thereafter all applications are held until the deadline. Application questions can be sent to


Fall Semester – April 1  ( YEAR deadline also, for Fall-Spring)

Spring Semester – October 15

Summer Semester – March 1

Applications  CLICK HERE

Reminder: send an official transcript to the BSM office at this email ( or U.S. address above to complete your application