Summer Program

BSM Summer Semester

Experience Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, the highly acclaimed study-abroad program, for eight weeks of your summer. Live in the historic European city of Budapest, take introductory or upper-division courses from master instructors, and enjoy the excitement of living in a culture known for excellence in mathematics education and research.


  • Classes are taught in English
  • Classes meet two hours per day, four days a week
  • Classes are small with a focus on problem-solving, student creativity, and group learning.

Classes Offered (a partial list)

  • Introductory Abstract Algebra
  • Combinatorics
  • Real Functions and Measures
  • Advanced Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Summer Research
  • Full Course syllabi:

Students are expected to take two full-credit courses.

  • Summer Semester there will be a one week long shopping period prior to registration. This should help you decide e.g. between the different levels of combinatorics, problem solving etc.
  • Each course, except the research one has 8 contact hours (four meeting times) per week. We strongly discourage taking more than 2 courses (i.e., a typical course load should be either two normal courses or a normal course plus a research option).
  • The “Research Opportunities” class is an undergraduate research course and it is designed for very advanced students. It gives them the opportunity to try their hands on research within a small group setting (or individually) under the guidance of a professor. NOTE: those interested in doing research will meet with their professors at the Welcome party, where they should arrange for the weekly meeting times.

City of Budapest tulipsApplication Process

The admission process is competitive. Applicants are required to fill out the online application, provide an official transcript and submit two letters of recommendation from mathematicians. Note: prerequisites for the summer program are the same as the academic year. Go to the Apply tab to continue the application process.

Deadline to apply is: March 1

Dates for Summer 2023

  • Arrival Dates for BSM housing-specific dates see here:  Academic Calendar
  • Optional Babilon Hungarian Language Program June 5-9, 2023
  • Classes begin June 12, 2023
  • Program ends on August 4, 2023
  • Vacate BSM Housing by August 7, 2023

Tuition Cost: $4,995.00 for two full-credit courses for summer 2023–tuition due by May 1, 2023

Optional Expense: Babilon School Hungarian Language Program is offered during summer; typically one week before class starts.  COST: $255 paid to BSM by May 1, 2023.

OR $TBD payable in person on the first day of class. The session is 5 days and is a non-credit class

Program Costs (approximate):

Rent $1,300
Meals (eating out liberally) $900
Utilities $225
Local transportation $110
Entertainment, miscellaneous $220
Textbooks $50    

Additional Expenses: Transportation/Airfare to and from Budapest and travel within Europe.


Students will be housed in furnished apartments approved by BSM near the historic center of Budapest. Lodging is arranged by our Hungarian BSM Staff along with roommate assignments upon completion of your BSM Housing/Roommate form after acceptance.


US and Canadian students will not need a Visa Residence Permit, as their stay will be less than 90 days. International students will need to check with their home country consulates for the most current and accurate information.


St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN,  U.S.A. serves as the School of Record for BSM and provides the official transcripts for the program to the student’s home school.